Basic Information

Bachelor of Music – University of North Texas (12/1999)

Master of Science (Counseling) – Texas A&M; University (5/2007)

Instruments played: Electric and Upright Bass, Tuba, Euphonium, Valve Trombone, French Horn, Bass Trumpet

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Provide bass tracks for professional/commercial recordings or live performances

University of North Texas, Bachelor of Music
Studied with John Adams (former jazz bass professor @ UNT)
Also with Mike Blanco (New York), Michael Barton (Chicago), Jeff Plant (Dallas)
Kilgore College, (Kilgore, TX)

Bass Influences (in no order)
Ray Brown, Eddie Gomez, John Adams, Christian McBride, James Jamerson, Ric Fierabracci, John Patitucci, Abe Laboriel, Leland Sklar, Rocco Prestia, Paul Chambers, Kim Stone

Studios I’ve Worked In
Beall Street Studios (Chris Beall)
Timeless Creations Studio
Big Time Audio Recording Studio
Goodnight Audio Dallas
ASC Sumet Sound Studios

Devon Guitars – Custom 6 string bass w/ EMG electronics
MTD Basses – Stock ‘Heir’ 5 String Bass
Fender Basses – P-Bass 4 string, Japanese 1987, Nordstrand NP4 P-Bass pickup
Tune Basses – Custom 5 String Fretless
Hohner Guitars – 5 String “B-Bass V” Bass (FOR SALE)
E. Martin – 1969 Double Bass w/ Underwood Pickup
Euphonic Audio IAmp800 (1000 watts @ 2ohms, 800 watts @ 4ohms)
Gallien Kruger 150MB head (100 Watts @ 8ohms, 150 Watts @ 4ohms)
Ampeg SVT Pro Preamp
dbx 1066 Compressor
Bag End 1×15 S15-D
Bag End 2×10 D10BX-D
Bag End 2×10 D10-D
Joe Meek Compressor Stomp (same guts from studio rack minus extra bells and whistles)
Fulltone Bass Drive Overdrive Pedal
BBE Sonic Maximizer Stomp
Digitech Synth Wah Pedal (used primarily for auto-wah and octave feature)
EBS Chorus Pedal
DOD TR3B – Chorus, EQ, and Compression in one pedal
AKG K240M headphones
DR Strings (Hi-Beams, Lo-Beams)

Artists/Groups that I have performed and/or recorded with:

Art Mesa (percussionist for Selena)

Arturo Sandoval

Bart MacMillan (jazz pianist)

Bill Powell Jazz Trio

Brady Muckelroy

Brian Austin

Bud Vega

Carolyn Blanchard Jazz Quartet (bass) for Corpus Christi Jazz Festival

Cathy Weidman Band (bass)

Cedar Park Winds (Tuba/Double Bass)

Celebration Jazz Orchestra (bassist)

Chris Beall

Chris Spencer

Dan Haerle

Dave Barnett

Dave Madden

Dave Riley Trio (bass)

David Shipps

David Smith Jazz Trio (bass)

David Crawford Jazz group

Ed Soph

Eddie Olivarez, Jr. jazz trio/quartet/quintet

Eddie Olivarez, Sr. jazz quartet

Flashback (cover band – bass)

Frank Favacho

Frank Locrasto, Jr.

Freddie McClain (leader of the Corpus Christi Jazz Trio)

Gray LeGere

Jason Meekins

Jeff Heater

Jennifer Perryman

Joe McBride

Jonathan “Jona” Anderson

Josh Lopez

Karen Chisholm

Kilgore College Jazz Band (bass)

Leon Breeden

Linda Stoll

Marc Withmer

Marshill Band (bass)

Marvin Stam

Metropolitan Winds (tuba and bass)

Mike Kendall

Mingo Fishtrap (tuba)

Paul Baughman

Paul Smith

Phillip Edwards

Phillip Lassiter

Ralph Silva

Richardson Community Band (tuba and bass)

Rodney Black

Ron Grimes

Scott Norman

Sean McCurley

Stu Smith

Texas Instruments Jazz Band (bassist)

The Haynes Sisters

Timeless Music Creations Studio – staff bassist

Tio (latin funk band)

Tom Jeannett

Tommy Loy

Troy Werner

University of North Texas
8 o’clock Lab Band; 9 o’clock Lab Band; Jazz Vocal Techniques (bass); Jazz Combos

Wayne Delano