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Devon Prototype Dove 6 String Electric Bass

-Bubinga Body and Headstock
-35″ scale 7 piece Bolt-On Neck OF Bubinga, Wenge, and Purple Heart
-Purple Heart Fingerboard
-Oil Finish w/ Black Hardware (Sperzel Tuners and Wilkinson Bridge)
-EMG Pickups and 18V Preamp
-Strings: DR Hi-Beams

Tune 5 String Fretless Bass model WB-5WN (serial # 111841)

-5-string Fretless. 34″ Bolt-On
-Body – Southern White Ash back, Walnut top, semi-hollow – Oil Finish
-Neck – Bolt-on 5 piece (3 hard maple, 2 walnut)
-Fingerboard – Fretless, ebony, with fret position lines, 2 1/2 octave (total 4 octave range B-B)
-Pickups – Piezo (only) – one per string – individually adustable for volume
-TUNE Active 18V electronics – Controls: volume, treble, middle, bass – lots of range and internally adjustable parameters
-String spacing at the bridge is 18mm, and at the nut is 9mm, (from centre of string to centre of string). Brass nut.
-Gotoh Tuners (Black)
-Schaller Straplocks (Black)

MTD Heir 5 String Bass

-35″ scale 5 string
-Maple Fingerboard 24 medium jumbo frets
-Zero fret 1 3/4″ wide, 5 string
-MTD bridge, 3/4″ (19mm) spacing
-One-piece neck w/satin polyester finish
-Carved basswood body
-Master volumes and tone control
-MTD exposed pole alnico J and MM pickups
-Shielded electronics compartment
-Great, tight sound for a passive bass. It has some very nice Fender Jazz qualities with room for a modern bass sound.

Fender 1987 P-Bass

-1987 MIJ P-Bass based on stamps in neck heel area
-Serial # (??? was scratched off when I purchased it)
-Upgraded pickups – Nordstrand NP4 – single coil
-Strings: D’Addario EPS170 (Pro Steels)

E. Martin Sachen Double Bass
Pictures coming soon…

-Built in 1969
-Ply bass with Adjustable Bridge
-Ebony Finger board
-Underwood Pickup on wings of bridge
-Thomastic Spirocore Strings (Orchestra)
-Set up for jazz pizzicato

Other Gear

Euphonic Audio IAmp800
-Solid State 1000W @ 2ohms
-Awesome warm tone, and very powerful
-Built-in Sabine Tuner

Gallien Kruger 150S Amplifier Head (broken as of New Years 2005)
-Solid State 100W @ 8ohms; 150W @ 4ohms
-Great tone and superlight

Ampeg SVT Pro III Preamp
-Tube Preamp
-Tube Drive Control

Bag End D10-D Speaker Cabinet
-2×10″ speakers
-400 Watts cont., 4 ohms

Bag End S15-D Speaker Cabinet
-1×15″ speakers
-200 Watts cont., 8 ohms

Digitech Bass Synth Wah Pedal
-7 Presets with a ton of adjustability
-Excellent Tracking for octaver effect

Crate BX-100 Combo Amplifier
-100 Watt solid state Amplifier Head
-one 15″ speaker
-home practice amp